You Can Buy My Wallpaper! (Plus, A Few Studio Details)

I had enough people ask me about purchasing the big, bold, watercolor floral wallpaper that I created for my studio that I went ahead and purchased the commercial license from the artist who originally painted the watercolor flowers so that I could offer the wallpaper to the public via Spoonflower.

When you click on that link, you’ll find several options. You can choose between water-activated or peel-and-stick wallpaper. I used the water-activated since it costs less, and I had no problems with it at all. I shared some installation tips here…

You can also choose to order a swatch, a standard roll (which is 12 feet long) or you can choose a custom length roll. The custom length is the option I chose for the studio wall, and unless you have 12-foot walls in your room, I highly suggest ordering custom length rolls. That way you have virtually zero waste.

My wall was just under 8 feet high, so I chose to have 8-foot rolls printed. Each roll was printed identically, which made matching the pattern very easy. (Don’t forget about that 3/4-inch overlap!)

And, of course, you can use wallpaper for much more than just walls! You can line the inside of your dresser or desk drawers with it for a little burst of color when you open the drawers. You can cover boxes with it to create colorful storage boxes worthy of displaying on shelves. You can use it on the fronts of dresser drawers for a combo paint and pattern look. The sky’s the limit!

I also made the print available on fabric.

They offer many different fabrics, but if you’re looking for a good decorator fabric for draperies and pillows and such (not too heavy, not too thin), I recommend the linen cotton canvas ultra.

Anyway, you can let me know if you have any questions! I’ve now ordered both wallpaper and fabric from Spoonflower, and I’ve been very pleased with both.

In other news, I’m trying to make a few more studio selections. Yesterday, I started my hunt for my office desk. In case you forgot, this will be the general layout of the studio…

To help you get your bearings, the “Sewing/Project Desk” is the wall with the floral wallpaper. And of course, there’s no mud room now, so that arrow that says “To Mud Room” should now say “To Back Entry” where the French doors and the black and white chevron floor design are.

When you walk into the studio from the breakfast room, my home office area will be straight ahead. That’s where I’ll sit every day to edit photos, write blog posts, and take care of general blog stuff. There will be built-ins around the window with a desk sitting in front. This built-ins will look like this, but the separate desk isn’t pictured here…

Since this will be the first view from the breakfast room, I want it to look nice. I’ve been on the lookout for desk inspiration, and I’ve realized that I don’t want anything big and heavy, like an executive desk. I want something that looks lighter and less obtrusive. Since I’ll have all of that storage in the built-ins, the only storage I really want in a desk in just a shallow drawer for some pencils, pens, etc.

So yesterday, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this desk. I love how this looks with the simple metal base and the thick white top which would allow room for one shallow drawer.

If I can find reasonably-priced metal legs, I can certainly build that top myself.

So I started searching online for metal table/desk legs, and there are so many good options out there! I had no idea! If you’re looking for something like this, there are quite a few people offering handmade table legs on Etsy, and most of them offer custom options such as color, height, width, etc.

After looking at all of the options I could find, I think these are my favorites.

I like the very simple, no-frills design, and the black would go with all of my other black accents in the studio and back areas.

And then in a sudden moment of inspiration, I decided last night that I wanted a green velvet desk chair. 😀 Sadly, when I searched for “green velvet desk chair,” I only found one that I liked.

I think I might regret purchasing a desk chair that doesn’t have arms, and the green doesn’t look quite bright enough. I think it has a bit too much yellow in it. But I do love that chair!

So then I went to the only place I could think of right off the top of my head that would have customizable desk chairs — Ballard Designs. They do have a desk chair with arms, and they also have a green fabric. Unfortunately, it’s not velvet. 😀

I do really like the look of that chair, and I like the brighter green of the fabric. But the price! That chair, customized like I want it, is $1,1119.00. There’s a sale right now, so if I order now it would be $895 ($1087 with shipping and tax), but I don’t know that I’d ever be able to make myself pay that for just one chair.

Anyway, those are just some thought rolling around in my head right now. I have my heart set on an easy-build desk with metal legs, and a green upholstered desk chair (preferably velvet).

What I do know is that when I finally get my floors finished, and they’ve had enough time to cure for me to put furniture on them, I think that my office desk and chair, as well as my huge workroom table, will be my first priorities. As much as I want to see my cabinets built and painted and looking pretty, all of that storage is just a bonus. My first priorities need to be the main desk/table where I’ll be spending quite a bit of time getting actual work done.

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