Time To Reassess and Regroup

Well, folks, the year is halfway over! I’ve really slacked off lately in getting things done. First, my day off for my birthday kind of turned into a week of being lazy. Then I started my 60-day keto challenge group and focused on that for a while, and then there was Independence Day and that excuse for a long weekend.

And now here we are. The year is halfway over, and my progress on my “to do” list for 2019 is nowhere near where I had hoped it would be.

The good news is that I’ve gotten quite a bit done on the studio and half bathroom so far this year. At the beginning of the year when I wrote my “to do” list, the studio looked like this…

And now it looks like this…

I just realized I don’t have any recent wide angle views showing the finished floor, painted walls, and wallpapered front wall. I’ll have to remedy that soon!

But that’s quite a few items crossed off of the list.

That’s progress, but there’s so much left on my list to finish in this room!

  • Install door casings and baseboards
  • Caulk, prime and paint all trim
  • Prime and paint the doors
  • Build cabinets in the “office” area of the room
  • Build cabinets and a long desk in the “projects” area of the room
  • Build a huge rolling work table
  • Install lighting
  • Organize and accessorize to finish

And at the beginning of the year, the half bathroom and back entry area looked like this…

And now those look like this…

installing casings on back entry doors

Again, that’s a few items crossed off the list…

So that leaves…

  • Finishing the casings and trim, including caulking, priming and paintingall the flooring
  • Install window casings, door casings, baseboards and other trim
  • Installing ceiling lights in the bathroom and storage closet
  • Installing the toilet
  • Finishing the tile border and wainscoting on lower walls of the bathroom
  • Painting the two pocket doors
  • Installing the new door handle
  • Making some artwork for the entryway and bathroom walls

So that’s just the studio area. I have certainly made progress, but there’s so much left to do!

And the studio wasn’t the only room/area I wanted to work on this year. I had all kinds of projects I wanted to do outside, like building window boxes, and finishing the stone around the front porch. While the stuff has been cleared off of the front porch by now, the stone skirting still looks like this…

I’d really love to get the front of my house looking more finished before the end of the year. It has come such a long way from where it started…

…but it still looks very unfinished in its current state. And my lack of a proper lawn and landscaping is getting old. I’d love some grass and pretty plants!

And I also had plans for the music room, living room, and kitchen that I haven’t even given a second thought to since writing my initial “to do” list for the year.

I really, really want the studio finished, but at the same time, I found myself really running out of steam and motivation these last few weeks. I think it’s the singular focus that’s getting me down and worn out, so I might need to do some non-studio-related projects every now and then just to keep me going.

But starting today, I’m ready to take on the second half of the year with renewed vision and enthusiasm. Let’s see what I can accomplish in six months!

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