The Finished Studio Bathroom – Before & After

Y’all, the studio half bathroom is finally FINISHED!! Trudging through all of the finishing details took way longer than I thought it would, and I’m just so relieved that it’s finished.

It’s finished.

Can I just say that a few (hundred) more times? 😀 I love those words.

Okay, I’ll stop so that we can just get on with the pictures. Here’s how the studio half bathroom turned out…

finished studio half bathroom - 11

But of course, before I show you more, I want to back up and take a look at just how far this area has come. When we bought the house, this area was just a storage room at the back of the garage. This is what the garage looked like before it was a studio. The door on the left leads into the breakfast room, and the doorway on the right was the storage room at the back of the garage.

Here’s what the actual storage room looked like. The roof sloped to the back of the house (i.e., the wall on the right), and the wall on that side was only about seven feet high.

And at one point, it housed this monstrosity of a furnace…

We actually used that furnace our first winter in this house, but it scared the heck out of me. About every third or fourth time it would come on, it would make this huge BOOM sound that was so loud it would vibrate the floor and walls of the house. The next winter, there was no way I was going to turn that thing back on, but we couldn’t afford a new HVAC yet, so we heated our house with space heaters. And it was a COLD and miserable winter. 😀

During the original phase of the garage-to-studio conversion, the studio was reframed with a beautiful high ceiling, but this back area still had to have this low ceiling. There was just nothing else that could be done with it at that time. Here’s the bathroom framed in, but still with the low ceiling…

But before we went any further with the studio, we decided to add a carport on the back (through the new French doors on the right in the picture above), and that changed everything! Since the new roof of the carport was built over the back part of the original garage/storage area roof, we were able to remove that original roof and expose the new taller ceiling in the back entry.

The bathroom (which is the door on the left in the picture above) doesn’t have the same high ceiling because we needed that space above the bathroom ceiling for air ducts, but at least the room now has an 8-foot ceiling all the way across. No more sloping ceiling.

finished studio half bathroom - 1

So now let’s get to the details…

The mirror is a plain frameless mirror from Home Depot that I adhered to the wall with mirror mastic, and then framed in the exact same way I do my door and window casings…

finished studio half bathroom - 3

Since this is a studio bathroom, and the sink will get a whole lot of use for things other than just washing hands, I decided to use a large, deep stainless steel kitchen sink instead of a regular bathroom sink. And a kitchen sink also requires a kitchen faucet, so this one has a pull out sprayer just like you’d find in a kitchen.

finished studio half bathroom - 6

And because I used an extra large sink in a tiny bathroom, there was no way I could find a ready-made vanity to fit. So I built my own. You can find the details on the vanity build right here.

finished studio half bathroom - 9

The countertop is quartz in the color Snow White, and the yellow tiles are ones that I made from plain white tiles, paint and resin to match the yellow in the wall design. You can see that tile project here.

finished studio half bathroom - 10

Above the light switch, I hung this framed typography art that I found on Etsy (find it here). It’s one of those that you download and print yourself, so I turned it into the negative image (black background and white lettering, whereas the original was the opposite), and I also had it printed backwards.

finished studio half bathroom - 4

That way, from the back entry and while standing in front of the sink, you see the reverse image in the mirror, which shows the lettering the correct way…

finished studio half bathroom - 5

Above the toilet, I hung some very simple shelves using black brackets that I found at Home Depot and some 1″ x 10″ lumber cut to size and painted white.

finished studio half bathroom - 7

Then I added a few accessories — a planter from Marshall’s, a flower print from Etsy in a Michael’s frame, a reed diffuser from Bed, Bath & Beyond, a few hand towels, a votive holder from Pier 1, and a tissue box cover from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

finished studio half bathroom - 12

The toilet in this bathroom is a super fancy Saniflo system (even though it doesn’t look like anything special), and was most definitely the most expensive part of the room.

finished studio half bathroom - 13

The neighboring room (the pantry is just on the other side of that wall) has a concrete slab foundation that already had new flooring, so that foundation couldn’t be jacked up to run new drain pipes for the sink and toilet. So instead, I had to get this fancy system that’s made for situations like this (and especially for putting kitchens and sinks in basements). Behind the wall sits a grinder (sorry for the visual) that literally grinds up everything that is flushed down the toilet and washed down the sink, and sends it up through a pipe that goes into and across the attic and down the drain pipe in the hallway bathroom. That’s why it has that strange pipe going out the back of the toilet and into the wall. You can hook up to three things (sink, toilet, and shower) into one unit, so that you could add a full kitchen or full bathroom in a basement.

Anyway, it’s different, but it works! Every time the toilet is flushed, and every time I run water in the sink, I hear a motor start running behind the wall, and it stays on for about ten seconds and then goes off. At least I know it’s doing its job! 😀

Of course, the star of the room is the wall design.

finished studio half bathroom - 18

It’s crazy and colorful and fun…just what I wanted in a studio bathroom.

finished studio half bathroom - 20

As much as I love color and pattern, I probably never would have had the courage to do anything like this in a bathroom in the main part of the house. So I’m very glad that I have this studio area that’s all mine that I get to play in and be a little crazy in.

finished studio half bathroom - 19

And again, this is my studio area. While it is connected to the house, I don’t have any need for it to “match” the rest of the house. As long as what’s seen through the studio door from the kitchen and breakfast room isn’t crazy and clashing with the rest of the house, I feel like I can kind of let my hair down and go a little crazy with the rest. It’s mine. All mine. 😀 And I don’t need to ask for Matt’s input on any of it.

finished studio half bathroom - 17

So with it separate from the rest of the house, and with it all mine and only mine, I decided to go a little crazy with a hand-painted design that took forever to finish. But it was fun! You can see a video tutorial here.

finished studio half bathroom - 16

And I love the bright and bold surprise hiding behind the black pocket door in the back entry…

finished studio half bathroom - 8

And that’s it! It’s done! From a dark, dirty storage area at the back of our garage…

To a bright, fun, crazy half bathroom at the back of my studio…

finished studio half bathroom - 1


(This list includes affiliate links.)

  • Vanity: DIY – tutorial here
  • Yellow backsplash tiles – DIY – tutorial here
  • Black faucet – Amazon
  • Stainless steel undermount sink – Amazon
  • Vanity light – Home Depot
  • Geometric “wallpaper” – DIY – tutorial here
  • Ceiling light – Home Depot
  • “Smile” typography art – Etsy
  • Flower art – Etsy
  • Soap dispenser, trash can and tissue holder – Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Shelf brackets – Home Depot
  • Upflush toilet – Saniflo
  • Countertop – Quartz, Snow White
  • Vanity paint color – Roulette, Behr
  • Wainscoting and trim color – Polar Bear – Behr

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