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Have you ever been working on a room, and had that one big, daunting project that stood in the way of further progress on the whole room? Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last week. I knew I couldn’t go forward much more on the bathroom or the back entry until the flooring was installed and finished. But the idea of tackling that project was so overwhelming that I just dragged my feet on it.

It wasn’t necessarily the hardwood flooring installation itself that felt daunting to me. It was the fact that after weeks of working on these areas — having a ceiling fan installed, buying an airless sprayer and painting the walls, building a vanity, building a countertop, installing hardwood flooring in the back areas, trimming the window, making custom wall tiles, and on, and on — the studio was a complete mess.

In addition to the mess from all of my projects, I also had 18 4′ x 8′ sheets of OSB, as well as all of the original vinyl tile flooring that I purchased, that needed to be loaded into the truck for return to Home Depot.

studio - before 1

All of that added up to me procrastinating.

So I did as I often do when I’m feeling way too overwhelmed to tackle a project on my own. I called in reinforcements, and my brother came to my rescue. 🙂

We tackled the mess and got the room cleared out in about two hours, and then he stuck around and helped me install some flooring. Even with two people, it’s still a slow process, especially in a room this large. We worked a little over two hours, and got about four additional feet of flooring down. But the room is 20 feet wide, so that’s 80 square feet of flooring.

hardwood flooring installation progress - 2

It took us a while to get our system down. He selected the boards and placed them in order, and I tapped them into place and nailed them down. He was also in charge of cutting the end pieces to fit. Also, working on the rows that joined the breakfast room flooring went a bit slower because we had to be sure to get it right.

Since there used to be an exterior door into a garage in this opening, I ended up having to add to more rows of flooring to the breakfast room flooring in the doorway, so those will have to be sanded and stained to match the breakfast room. Then the direction transitions in the studio, and the studio flooring will be whitewashed.

hardwood flooring threshold transition from breakfast room to studio

So we have 15 more feet of flooring to be installed. 20 feet wide. 300 square feet.

hardwood flooring installation progress - 1

If we can work at the pace that we worked after we finally got our system down last time, I think we might be able to finish today. That would be very exciting! Having this flooring done will be a huge weight off of my shoulders, and will free me up to do all kinds of fun stuff, like building cabinets, installing trim, and painting my chevron pattern on the back entry floor.

I feel like things are back on track and will start happening relatively fast. Sometimes we all need a little support to give us the nudge forward that we need. 🙂

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