Back Entry Wall Color, Studio & Back Entry Lighting Selections, And More

I made a wall color decision for the back entry, and the winning color is…GREEN!

And, as you can see, the doors will be black. Things are still very much “in progress,” so they’re looking kind of rough at this point. But I have vision for it, and I’m very excited!

I’ve been trying to work in a green, black and white color combo into my house since 2014. It’s a favorite combination of mine, and I realized that this was the perfect place for it. While I was determined to keep the actual studio light and bright and airy, there was no need to do that in the back entry. So that was my opportunity to bring in a darker, more saturated color.

The color I chose is a Behr color called Hills of Ireland. This is the color from the Behr website, and it’s very accurate.

Right now it looks really dark, but once I actually get a light installed in the entry, I think it’ll look great.

As for the rest, the trim around the doors will be exactly like the trim in the rest of the house, and it’ll be painted white. My door trim looks like this…

So that same wide white trim will be around the back French doors, the bathroom door, and the closet door.

And then I want to do an interesting black and white floor design of some sort. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but it’ll be something other than black and white checkerboard. I’m still mulling it over, though.

And then I want a white chandelier — something big and sculptural. I did find this one at Lowe’s, which I like. But I’d like it more if the metal on it were brass or gold in color. I think the black will be too dark against the green walls. The good things about it are the price ($199), the number of bulbs (13!) to really light up the entry, and the fact that it’s available locally today. Immediate gratification is always a plus.

But my absolute favorite is this one from Wayfair. It’s more expensive, and it’s not available locally. It’s a seven-light chandelier, which is almost half that of the Lowe’s chandelier, but I’m sure it’s plenty for a small entry.

I’ll probably go with the second one. Even though I really don’t want to spend that much money on a light fixture, I think the sculptural quality it adds is worth the additional cost.

I did finally make a decision on most of the lighting for the studio. For the wallpapered wall, I chose this sconce to go in the center of the wall…

And then I chose these two pendant lights to go over the long desk on that same wallpapered wall. I chose the largest size (16-inch), and I’m prepared to paint the insides of them white if needed so that they’ll reflect more light. But I’m going to try them as is first.

I haven’t decided on a light to go above the desk in the office area yet. I’m still looking, and I do want it to be black as well. I’ve found a couple of contenders, but just haven’t been able to bring myself to hit that “buy now” button on any of them yet. So far, this is my favorite…

So the black accents will be carried throughout the room, which I like because I think black is a very grounding color.

That’s my progress so far! I hope to finish up the walls in the back entry and studio this weekend. Then I’ll just have one more thing to do before I can start building cabinets.

In other news, I did edit the wallpaper design to change the background color from white to the light aqua that’s on the studio walls. I’ve ordered a sample, and I’m waiting on it to arrive so I can verify that the color is right before ordering the rest of the wallpaper. Hopefully that won’t take too long, because I’d like to install the wallpaper before I begin building and installing cabinets.

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